Updated: January 14, 2019

Signature Checking Tool

The signature checking tool is a Windows utility that generates a unique "MD5 signature" for a given file. An MD5 security signature has 32 digits or letters, for example:


Even if a single byte is changed in a file, its signature changes also.

What It Does

The utility allows you to quickly compare a file on your computer to an equivalent file on our server. If the files are identical, the signatures will match. If your download has been corrupted between our server and your computer, the signatures will differ.

Verification Instructions

  • Download the MD5 Signature Checking Tool from Support File download section.
  • Once downloaded, start the md5.exe, and click the "Browse" button.
  • Locate the file you want to verify on your computer (for example, a documentation file you just downloaded) and click "OK".
  • The utility will generate a signature for the local file selected and show it on the "File Signature" line.
  • Obtain an original signature for the equivalent file from our site. It is usually located on a product download page, next to the "MD5:" prefix.
  • Copy the appropriate security signature to the "Signature To Compare Against" line.
  • Click "Go". The utility will compare the signature you generated for your local file with the signature copied from our site and let you know whether the files are identical.
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